Integrity Consulting & Solutions is staffed by expert voice stress analysts.  As members of the International Association of Voice Stress Analysts & the Alliance of Voice Stress Examiners, our examiners are trained in the latest techniques of truth verification & lie detection.  Each examiner is certified in the operation of the most advances, law enforcement grade voice stress analyzing equipment and technology. 


Our expert staff of certified analysts have been serving the Midwest since 2002.  We are confident that we can provide the solutions to your every need. 



Contact us today for a free consultation.  Our professional staff is eager to assist you with your truth verification and lie detection needs.  


We ​provide a wide range of credibility assessment services.  Our examiners utilize the latest, state of the art technology when administering examinations.  The Vipre VSA is used world wide by military, law enforcement, and private examiners, in conjunction with proven Kinesic interviewing techniques as well as behavior analysis.

“Truth, it's own defense" Proverbs 12:13

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